Introducing Tweet2Earn

Tweet2Earn is a system designed to motivate users to promote your project on Twitter! Users can generate their own tweets using specified keywords, phrases, mentions, hashtags (#), or cashtags ($). Alternatively, you can compose a tweet that our users will post on your behalf. 👀

Configurable Content Requirements

Tailor Tweet2Earn to meet your specific needs for optimal impact! Users will shape their tweets based on your criteria, such as:

  • Using specific hashtags, cashtags, phrases, mentions
  • Define specific user GEO-locations
  • Encouraging or mandating the inclusion of images or banners.

Alternatively, you can compose the entire tweet for the user, and they will post it without any modifications!

User Process

Participation for the user is straightforward. All actions are executed on our Telegram app. The user submits the link, and the system verifies its authenticity by checking their connected Twitter account and ensuring it meets the specified requirements. The set reward is then sent directly after successful verification.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, the system:

  • Checks the authenticity of tweets with X.
  • Does not allow users to double-claim.
  • Allows you to set a budget for campaigns.

Will it make my project trend?

Yes, but not always. However, it will drastically increase the chances of success thanks to our 3 million+ users!

  • It creates a coordinated effort, maximizing the power of our community
  • It creates incentivization — giving every member an interest in working towards the goal
  • It is smart — ClickBeeBot knows who is a real user and who is not - building the BIGGEST Database on X

PS: We're still discovering the potential of Tweet2Earn, but it seems possible to become a trending topic with just a handful of tweets.


Tweet2Earn covers the only essential aspect of engagement that’s missing from ClickBeeBot: rewards for content creation. This gives you the power to create tailored Twitter campaigns for roadmap milestones and seasons, and ensures that your ecosystem will always be kept fresh!

"ClickBeeBot" is a super cool marketing tool where advertisers present their projects,
🤑and you can earn crypto by raiding or shilling on Twitter.