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Having more members on your Telegram channel will not only boost your channel's visibility in search results, but it will also make your brand more reputable. The good news is that with ClickBee, you can now get thousands of real people on your Telegram channels or groups in no time. And many of them could be your customers!

Works For Channels, Groups & Bots

Our unique member growth method invites people who join the channel by choice, and we don't scrape members from other Telegram groups as other similar tools do.

Real Members, Instant Growth

The moment promotion begins, thousands of Telegram users will join your channel. These are not fake members or bots.

No-Drop For 7 Days

Some of the newly joined members will leave but don't worry you're covered. The bot will replace all leaving members for seven days, and your new members will be real humans.

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ClickBee Is Rated Excellent

(4.7 out of 5 based on 1,835 reviews)

How does it work?

ClickBee is the number one tool to that can be used to buy Telegram members for groups and channels. We are not scraping members from other groups and definitely don't use fake accounts to grow your Telegram.

Our army of real humans will join your Telegram channels, groups, or bots. The bot sends 60% of the money to the person joining the channel or group. So millions of people earn money (cryptocurrency) doing the job of subscribing to Telegram channels all day.

increase telegram channel members

Three Simple Steps To Grow Your Telegram Channel...

ClickBee™ can help you get more Telegram members than you ever thought possible, without adding fake followers or using illicit methods.

  • 1
    Add Channels or Groups

    Just paste your channel link and add the bot as an administrator.

  • 2
    Set A Cool Description

    Set a description for your ad campaign. This will be shown to users.

  • 2
    Complete Payment

    You can decide how much you want to pay per member. Paying more will get your ad displayed in front of others.

earn crypto bynjoining telegram channels

Earn Crypto By Joining Telegram Channels

Join advertised channels, groups, and bots on Telegram to earn cryptocurrency. It can either be withdrawn to your crypto wallet or used to buy members for Telegram channels.

  • Join Telegram channels & perform other simple tasks
  • Refer friends to earn more
  • Instant cashouts

Common Questions

Our Telegram bot lets you earn cryptocurrency by completing simple tasks with your PC or mobile device. Users of this bot will join your channels or groups. So, yes these members are real humans.
Buy Telegram channel members for around $0.012 per member. Approximately 60% of the amount we charge is shared with users who join your channel, and about 15% of the amount is reserved for the referral program. You must deposit cryptocurrency in your account to start promoting.
If you have difficulty getting members in your Telegram group or channel, you should not worry anymore. ClickBee is here to get as many members as you want.

Just add @ClickBeeBot to your Telegram group or channel and see the magic. Make sure to top-up your account with cryptocurrency before creating the ad campaign.

Go ahead and give our world-famous Telegram Bot a try!

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