Our Telegram tools are designed to grow your Telegram community with active users who will participate in your project's success.

Creating An Ad

The process of creating a new ad is straight-forward:

  • Promote channels, groups, and TG bots
  • Create a target for the total member count
  • Allows you to set a budget for campaigns.
  • Define specific user GEO-locations

User Process

Participation for the user is simple and straightforward. All actions take place within our Telegram app. Users need to join the promoted channel or group and click "Joined". The system then verifies the user's authenticity and ensures it aligns with the specified requirements. The set reward is then sent directly after successful verification.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, the system:

  • Validates the action.
  • Replaces leaving members for 7 days.
  • Does not allow users to double-claim.


The Follow2Earn system is an excellent way to drive engagement in new Telegram channels, groups, & bots.

"ClickBeeBot" is a super cool marketing tool where advertisers present their projects,
🤑and you can earn crypto by raiding or shilling on Twitter.