24/7 Autonomous Raiding Machine for Twitter!

Earn crypto from your tweets!

In 2022, crypto companies spent a staggering $500 million on marketing, hinting at the colossal potential within the crypto space. Twitter’s inaugural rev-share program payouts surpassed $5 million, a figure expected to grow.

When was the last time YOUR tweets earned you a share of a crypto token’s marketing budget? With ClickBeeBot, you finally can!💪💸

ClickBeeBot allows any crypto user to generate revenue based on their social activity — Tweeting, liking, commenting, and engaging with the projects. Whether you’re a social media maestro or just passionate about crypto, ClickBeeBot is here to turn your Tweets into tangible crypto earnings.

Introducing: Tweet2Earn

This feature is seamlessly integrated into ClickBeeBot’s existing incentivization mechanism, which lets you track your hashtag progress in REAL-TIME, and rewards our community for every tweet they post!

Tailor Tweet2Earn to meet your specific needs for optimal impact! Users will shape their tweets based on your criteria, such as:

  • Using specific hashtags, cashtags, phrases, mentions
  • Encouraging or mandating the inclusion of images or banners.

Alternatively, you can compose the entire tweet for the user, and they will post it without any modifications!

Introducing: Raid2trend

This new trending feature is leveraging the power of our community to increase retweets, comments, and likes to take a shot at getting your project trending on Twitter!

The process of creating a new raid is straightforward:

  • Create a target of likes, retweets, mentions, and comments.
  • Allows you to set a campaign budget.

ClickBeeBot Thrives Where Others Failed

ClickBeeBot isn’t just another RaidBot — it’s a game-changer in Twitter Raids! Many have tried, and many are still trying, but ClickBeeBot’s core technology and millions of users set it apart.

Up until now, all Tweet2Earn platforms failed for various reasons:

  • Manual work and complexity — Users had to log every tweet they made and content creators had to create tasks
  • Failure to monitor that content creators get paid by the projects
  • Failure to monitor the impact and filter bots
  • No real-time stats or feedback

Will it make my project trend?

Yes, but not always. However, it will drastically increase the chances of success thanks to our 3 million+ Raiders!

  • It creates a coordinated effort, maximizing the power of our community
  • It creates incentivization — giving every member an interest in working towards the goal
  • It is smart — ClickBeeBot knows who is a real user and who is not — building the BIGGEST Database on X

PS: We’re still discovering the potential of Twitter raids, but it seems possible to become a trending topic with just a handful of tweets.

Can I Try It?

This feature is already live on our official Telegram bot!

Start using ClickBeeBot today! 👈

"ClickBeeBot" is a super cool marketing tool where advertisers present their projects,
🤑and you can earn crypto by raiding or shilling on Twitter.