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Create a target of likes, tweets, retweets, mentions, comments and many more things both on twitter and Telegram.



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“Thousands of users will Tweet your #Hashtags, or join your
TG community within seconds”

  • Real Human Clickers 🔥
  • Fastest growth tool on the market.⏱️
  • Pay-per-click pricing model with no packages🚫
  • Clicks From countries like US, UK, Germany, Russia, India 🌍
  • 100% real clicks, no bots or fakes
  • Safe and compliant with Telegram / X (TOS)
  • Get Free Clicks by visiting other websites
  • Advertise to 3M+ Telegram and crypto users
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How It Works

1. Start The Bot

Simply head to @ClickBeeBot on Telegram and send the /Start command.

If you're new to Telegram, make sure to download it first.


2. Earn Crypto

Generate revenue based on your social activity — Tweeting, liking, commenting, or by joining Telegram channels. This content most often belongs to other crypto projects who are either trying to boost their social proof or promote something.

Earn Crypto

3. Advertise

Become the loudest community on Twitter (and TG) so your project is impossible to ignore!


Our Tool Suites

ClickBeeBot isn’t just another RaidBot — it’s a game-changer in Twitter Raids! Many have tried, and many are still trying, but ClickBeeBot’s core technology and millions of users set it apart.


Taking Twitter Exposure To The Next Level

Imagine thousands of crypto users Tweeting to increase the visibility of your's project hashags(#) and cashtags($)!

ClickBeeBot allows any crypto user to generate revenue by Tweeting. Whether you’re a social media maestro or just passionate about crypto, ClickBeeBot is here to turn your Tweets into crypto earnings.


Get More Retweets, Likes & Comments

Most web3 projects have a similar problem: no engagement to kickstart growth. More numbers are the name of the game. A project that has more likes, comments, retweets is bound to win naturally.

Our RAIDERS will boost your social proof and participate in your projects success.

It's is like a ROBOT marketer working for your project 24/7.

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