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How Does It Work

"ClickBeeBot" is a super cool bot that lets you earn some special money called crypto by engaging with others on Telegram and Twitter. Follow, like, share, and retweet to earn crypto, which you can use to promote your social media or withdraw to your wallet/exchange.

1. Start The Bot

Simply head to @ClickBeeBot on Telegram and send the "/Start" command.

If you're new to Telegram, make sure to download it first.


2. Earn Crypto

Earn crypto while following, liking, sharing, and retweeting on Telegram and Twitter. This content most often belongs to other members from ClickBeeBot who are either trying to boost their social proof or promote something.

Earn Crypto

3. Advertise

Once you have acquired enough crypto, exchange it for social engagement on your own links, or withdraw it to your wallet/exchange.